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Hotel Temporarily converted to Community Isolation Facility (now - 27/01/23)

The health and safety of guests and employees are of the utmost priority. To provide a comfortable and safe staying environment to all of our guests, Metropark Hotel Kowloon prepare you a comfortable accommodation environment and daily 3 meals package, in order to take good care of your needs. We fight the virus together.

Metropark Hotel Kowloon has been designated by the government as a Community Isolation Facility from now to 27th January, 2023.

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(Start accepting reservations from 28th January,2023)


  • Free in-room Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Shelves are placed adjacent to the guest room doors to decrease direct contact
    between guests and staff
  • Equipped with daily necessities
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Access (Unlimited devices)
  • Provide 38 built-in TV channels to choose from
  • Air purifiers will be provided in the guest room during quarantine period.

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         (HKQAA Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification)

Reservation or enquiries, please contact reservation department at

  • Tel: 2760 3636
  • Email: hotel.hkkl@metroparkhotels.com
  • Address: 75 Waterloo Road, Metropark Hotel Kowloon


We have been implementing intensified precautionary measures:

  • All hotel employees are required to conduct deep throat saliva tests regularly to ensure their health
  • Employees must have their body temperature checked and perform body disinfection before they enter the hotel premises and return to work
  • Clean towels are provided to staff members for them to take showers before and after work
  • Every staff member is required to conduct temperature check twice per day
  • The hotel is separated into two sections: quarantine and non-quarantine areas, operated with separated groups of staff and resources.
  • Employees entering the quarantine area are required to wear a full set of anti-epidemic protective equipment
  • The hotel disinfects public areas every day and implements comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis
  • Air purifiers are installed on the guest floors
  • The grills of ventilation system in guest rooms are disinfected on a regular basis
  • The plastic covering over the lift operating buttons would be disinfected every 30 minutes
  • Shelves are placed adjacent to the guest room doors to eliminate direct contact between guests and staff
  • Drains in guest rooms are sealed
  • Check all pipes on a regular basis in order to prevent any leakage
  • Distancing demarcation lines are set in front of reception
  • Protective partitions are installed for eliminating direct contact between guests and staff
  • All chefs must wear masks when cooking
  • All diner are required to face the same direction in the staff canteen at a certain distance from each other
  • Staff are appealed to not travel outside Hong Kong, and if unavoidable, they must inform the hotel of the destination and time of travel and need to must conduct self-quarantine for 14 days